Those couples who make out in front of you like this…




And you’re like:


more relatable?

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Anonymous said: Post a picture of your face

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kelcilynvictoria said: aayyyeeeeee follow meeeeeeee home dawg 😊

done did! ;) 

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Haven’t been on here for ages. wasss gooood?!

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Anonymous said: can u post a pic of u in something super sexy? like nothing at all?


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First thing I’m doing when I get back home is DETOXIFICATION  

- Detox: Junk food all through the holidays. Not once did I think about eating healthy these 3 weeks. My body’s chemical balance is all messed up again.

- Positive Thoughts: Last year was a year of negativity & no positive outlook on life. My past relationship lead me to think that I would never have a future being happy or finding happiness within myself. Family members would tell me how hopeless I am since I’m not furthering my future. I’m gonna prove all you that looked down on me, that I will succeed & go farther than you’ll ever go. 

- Military Life: I am so scared, so nervous. I need to get my ass whipped into better shape PRONTO. I don’t want to be dying at boot camp. The emotional, mental, and physical challenges await me. But, at the end of it all I’ll be glad I made it through it. Some say that the military life is a men only life. I beg to differ. Hate sexist like this one I came across 2 years ago. As long as a human being can do it whether it’s a man or a woman. They should be able to do it. Women aren’t weaker than me. I read an article once, and if i remember correctly; it was said that women can endure more pain than men. haha. Moving onward. 

- Relationships: Now, my family can’t stand him. They think he’s a total asshole & think he’s no good for me. But, doesn’t all family members think that way at first when they don’t give the girls boyfriend a chance and actually GET TO KNOW HIM? Throughout these years that I’ve known this guy I learned that he’s a loving, kind hearted, out going guy. He’s a pain, an asshole, a dummy, & a heartbreaker. All that stuff. But who doesn’t have those flaws? Nobody is perfect. We’ve been together for 2 1/2 years. Facing hardships after the first year, the next year and a half were just hectic, & finally going our separate ways we were back in each others lives a short 6 months without talking, here we are talking to each other again. STARTING NEW & not looking back at the past. We agree’d that looking at the past every time we fought set us to become the cold hearted people we once were to each other. 

- Save money: It’s time to get a better job. Why? Because I don’t want to be stuck at this dead beat job forever. What’s the highest I could ever get up to? Manager? of a sandwich shop? HAH! Whatevers. Got this one job in mind & they contacted me right away. I could have a chance. ^_^ Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts.

- Modify Kyra [for those of you who don’t know her, she’s my Acura]: I’m thinking about getting coil overs for her. Just the Tein street basis coil over overs. I don’t see any other coil overs that I liked. If you guys have any suggestions, it’ll be greatly appreciated. 

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I wanna (MARK (SE-) X you up!!!

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